Friday, January 23, 2015

Measles Outbreak in Disneyland

    Disneyland, known as  "the happiest place on Earth" (in California) has had an outbreak with a sickness known as the Measles. 
    What is the Measles? 
  1. The Measles is an infectious viral disease causing fever and a red rash on the skin, typically occurring in childhood, a disease of pigs and other animals caused by the encysted larvae of the human tapeworm.
  2.  The measles was at Disneyland before Christmas 2014, is disrupting lives in six states.
  3. Seventy people have been diagnosed with measles, and hundreds more have been exposed at schools, doctor's offices, hospitals, shopping malls and other places visited by infected patients. Arizona became the latest state to report a case of measles related to Disneyland when a woman in her 50s was diagnosed. The outbreak has spread to Utah, Washington, Colorado, Oregon and across the border to Mexico.
  4.      "People ask whether it is safe to visit venues where measles has been identified and may be circulating. The answer is yes, considering you have been fully vaccinated," Dr. Gil Chavez, state epidemiologist for California, told CNN reporters.