Friday, February 6, 2015

Heat Rising Up

      There have been a plethora of studies about how quickly the earth is heating up due to carbon emissions.Carbon emissions are are the common type of gas emitted from the burning of fossil fuels. The higher the carbon content in the fossil fuel or the more inefficient the burning process is, generally the more CO2 that is produced. The most recent makes what  is arguably the scariest prediction. yet. Scientists from the University of Hawaii at Manoa have found via computer simulations. that, by 2047, average temperatures in most parts of the world will be hotter than they had been in those places at any time between 1860 and 2005.
The areas near the equator, the tropics — home to coral reefs and rain forests and with populations who are poorer will experience the greatest increases as climate variability there is less than in other latitudes. This soon-to-arrive change does not bode well for tropical plants and animals as they are not accustomed to a wide range in temperatures.